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Constanza Areizaga

Ongoing Horrific nightmare

Over $50,000 in legal fees to date spent

Nightmare started with 2008 housing recession

2009 Trial mod offered after several attempts of modification

We completely complied with terms and then they Regected our payments after 3rd payment

No written communication whatsoever after me hounding non stop to get an answer as to why ?

We received a letter in the mail stating that I had failed to send in the requested documentation of my husband’s death certificate and my divorce decree !!!

Totally outrageous ! My husband and I are married and he is ALIVE!

The Ridiculous heaps of paperwork and documentation now spanning over 10 years of which we have meticulously kept for proof of all of the abuse that has been committed against us by Shellpoint and Bank of America.

They have refused to work with us even though we have Gone above and beyond to attempt in every way to negotiate a solution

All they have Done over 8 times is continually try to foreclose and Auction our home .

For all the years that they have refused our payments we have saved the funds to purchase the home.

It’s not right that they want to sabotage by imposing horrific late fees and interest back fees etc. etc. when they are the ones at fault!!!!

What can we all do it seems that we really need to get this on a national news station!

Product or Service Mentioned: Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing Loan Modification.

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Oh, yes Bank of America, and Shellpoint 9 years for me, been in my home since 1986, same situation. I'm in Oregon, and am looking into what it takes to get this on the news!


We have been going through the same type of situation with shellpoint. it has been 7 years that we have been trying to work with them after our bankruptcy

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