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My Mortgage during re modification was sold by BAC to Shellpoint , no notification!! Not only that I had given 6 payments for 801.88 posted amounts at application for the Remodification, then all sudden BAC would not speak to me telling my information was compromised thru them but would get credit monitoring, but no other explanation where my 4811.28 as posted to since ACHs' had cleared my bank just told me they no longer had my loan.

Months later I get a notice from some company named Shellpoint said I owed them 18,000.00 dollars, three letters one day , three days later, a letter saying never responded, now in foreclosure. never even heard of this company before. Very long ... story shorten they could not tell me where my money was, who they were for months, I had just come out of Chapter 13 5 months earlier ,where would I get that kind of money.

For months until 3/18/16 they jacked me around, about short sale , in turn in house in lieu of etc. Constantly change their stories even disregarding the notifications' in writing they sent me. They also jacked my Realtor around who was authorized by Shellpoint to do a Short Sale. last week after 3 other offers, got one first for 80,00.00 then 84.000.00the 88,900.00 Cash.

A Jorge who was supposed to be my contact never ever returned calls to me , when I finally got him he spoke to me very discriminatory, telling me I was story teller did not know what I was talking about etc. to point called his supervisor ...Andrew appeared was no big deal. they both had the offer on their desk scanned, faxed etc, But because they did not want to follow the HAFT laws or Franklin County auction laws, they let my house go to auction 3/18/16 for 78000.00. Then Jorge calls me on Monday like he was my best friend telling need leave my house..

I am of course not letting this go down without a fight , have retained a lawyer.

But want everyone to know the Shady, deceitful actions of this company .. Shellpoint Mortgate Processing

Product or Service Mentioned: Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing Loan Modification.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Never resolved this current posting I am submitting is do to letter from Shellpoint regarding my situation, which their accounts not factual!

Shellpoint Mortgage Escalation

75 Beattie PL Ste 300

Greensville, SC 29601

Ref loan # 051393131

Case # 425213 RE: letter dated April 8th, 2016 and all previous phone calls & letter Correspondences; First per phone calls to voice mails to Andrew Phan, Supervisor for Ulloa, I have repeated requested to make sure all phones conversations between myself, Kathryn L Nachtrab, with Shellpoint Mtg from November 2015 thru March 18th , including all voice mails I have left trying to get Jorge to return calls from 2/04/16 on when he was assigned to Short Sale paperwork , contact after Tony Bjarnaso wasn't handling any longer. Never once during all the time from 2/5/16 thru 3/16/2016, including messages asking please respond let me know the check statements Shellpoint requested for the Short sale was received thru the fax # was given via Jorge at Shellpoint.

Being of sensitive nature, I asked please let me know . No response. I had documented all times , dates,days then since no RESPONSE, communication. Afterwards, I started recording the voice messages left and let it be known and calls , conversations between myself , Andrew Phan and the phone call on 3/16/16 with Jorge Ulloa , where he spoke to me so demeaning , basically called me a liar and did not know how get my stories straight ..

it was first conversation I had with this person and only because I insisted being transferred to him directly. He was so demeaning , I almost felt discriminated against for bringing up previous conversations and corrosponces in writing with Shellpoint and service representatives and possibly fact, I am a woman, I know the UDAP laws that is why I reported call to Andrew Phan. I asked him , Jorge repeatedly transfer me to a supervisor over him and supervisor direct #, he became even more argumentive and demeaning, Never gave name or phone# but did drop me into a voice mail eventually for Andrew Phan . So with many of the discrepancies in Shellpoint's letter dated 4/8/2016, paragraph where it said **Shellpoint communicated with myself and my Realtor during the shrot sale process", is not the TRUTH!

Also the HAFA information previously communicated to me by many of Shellpoint's other extremely nice customer services representatives, I was illegible for Short Sale and re location money up to 10,000.00 because of my hardship and had been approved for the relocation money and paperwork received for the process. This was on 2/1/16 when Kelly Jones gave me Tony BJarnaaso name contact # to work directly with in future. Have many other days , and dates & times of communicaton of such .. Did speak to Tony confirm all information received but had to correct 4506T and couple other documents, which were confirmed done.

About a week later, it was no longer Tony B handling my Short sale process & supposedly my questions and communcation, but Jorge Uolla , who never gave me the consideration of communicating with me!!! Made several calls during weeks going into 2/29/16 with no response (have all documented ) Finally able to speak to Tony Bjarnaso, who informed me when I asked him about the Sheriff's sale if able to be stopped , per a letter had received from Shellpoint . Tony put me on hold, came back to the phone said YES the Short Sale was currently on hold .This was even confirmed by Sam Giordano of Timken & Manley Deas Kochalski, on 3/14/2016 who said yes could see where had been on HOLD FROM SHERIFF'S AUCTION, but for some reason hold taken back off. Sam Giordano said was going to contact Shellpoint to see why.

Spoke to Sam Giordano again on 3/16/16 said never heard back from Shellpoint , but Sam asked me then to send him all documentation (which now realize may have been some kind of set up . make sure Atty & Shellpoint could track a way to get out of the RELOCATION HARDSHIP MONEY), which after all I have been thru certainly like many others, deserved) !! I faxed 36 pages to Sam G . FAX # 614-220-5613..

As well a a contract for EIGHTYFIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS (85,000.00 ) cash sale offer, which had been sent to Jorge U on 3/15/16, but he completely ignored would not respond to my Realtor or me. Not only could not get him responds, but the buyer's interested enough if could have gotten a response were even willing to go higher!!!!! I even sent fax to Jorge U #864-538-4152 as well. The buyer had even included a Money Market account balance with their intent !

At no time did anyone at Shellpoint ever mention that there was a $82,623.78 requirement, no time , that is why I want to make sure ALL PHONE CALLS BETWEEN MYSELF AND SHELLPONT BE PULLED AND HELD FOR LATEER POSIBLE SUPOENAS'. ! I last left a message on voice Mail 4/13/16 3:30 PM EST & 5:30 PM EST, to make sure get pulled before deleted !! ..

I had also contacted Andrew Phan's voice mail from 3/14/16 on , because I wanted records and also for him to listen to the call upset me with Jorge U, I have never heard back from him regarding that matter. Also Andrew Phan said would contact me during the times 3/14-3/1/2016 , which once called me when I was on way fax documents to an attorney, so had to advise if could call back, he Andrew P promised on 3/15/16 would call me by 3:00 EST,after waiting around and cancelling earlier plans, at 5:00 PM EST I was finally able to get ahold of him, even though kept refusing transfer of my call to him. On March 17/2016 I even told Andrew since missing around with the short sale, appearing to avoid following HAFA rules , even listed on Shellpoints web site referenced, I wanted to give house in Lieu which I had been told an option, he said had all the paperwork in his hand needed, & I knew paperwork had been completely received per my 2/29/16 conversation with Tony B. Andrew Phan said would call me back one way or another, never did.

But he called my Realtor asking her ask me to allow the 85,000.00 cash offer without me taking any relocation money. So I called Andrew P myself, again tried to avoid taking my call, tried telling me a non truth that by taking deal for them would benefit more because better than a foreclosure, I happened to have done enough research with lawyer friend's and others to know that was an out and out lie ! ..I just reinterated that sure appeared he was trying to as well as Jorge to avoid HAFA hardship that had been set aside do to the bank bail outs on the backs of people such as myself. The letter also says never on hold for Auction yet , I have recorded phone calls, where I was told it was !

Shellpoint caused me a lot of hardship during process because never could get same information for first few months in Sept 2015-Nov 2015, and only got worse by how treated last couple weeks by Shellpoint despite , I followed , did everything they said I needed to comply with, yet only for you Shellpoint to change your word and processes while I am thinking have a chance do right thing by helping sell a home been my life since 1987 !! And by even being able to get a ready offer going up as much as to $90,000.00. Yet you Shellpoint made the decision it was better instead of paying the relocation money due to folks like myself to Auction my house off for 78,100.00 instead with a net of what 74,000.00 instead of $6000.00 -10,000.00 dollars more! And shows neither the Investor or Shellpoint m=mtg put in bid .

If do not get the decency of a fair and decent resolution and a response, I will be pursuing thru legal matters , a friend of mine who just sued Shellpoint for 32,000.00 and won recently for same sort of thing.

Of course my friend referred him contact me when I was telling him what just happened to me ! Sincerely,


If you are still in your house do not leave!!! Contact me today, I may be able to help you prove fraud. We have clients in same position still in home and fighting back even after auction!!



They are doing this to me.

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