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If you are desirous of joining a class action suit, comment below. I am assessing the possible number of class members while I interview capable counsel to handle a large, class-action suit against Shellpoint for its utterly egregious, despicable behavior.

I hope to have this initiated by June 2018.

The claims would include Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, RESPA, Breach of Contract, Negligence, Fraud, RICO, TCPA and others.

Shellpoint has violated multiple laws and codes in my situation.

They sent a person to lurk around my home, interviewed my minor children, non-borrower wife. They raised my loan balance $90K in two months with no explanation. I submitted QWR's, RFI's and NOE's, however, they have failed to respond to even one of my legal, written request. I asked to validate the debt, they did not respond.

They have disclosed in writing to me three (3) different 'Owners' of my loan. They have indentified three (3) different servicers and/or 'Master Servicers' of my loan.

This simply must be litigated, having attempted to resolve through reasonable, rational communications. They simply are making a mockery of the US real estate / mortgage laws and codes. Needs to STOP.

Thank you,

Eric Wendlandt


Product or Service Mentioned: Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing Loan.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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bardzconcreteandlandscap@gmail.com shellpoint altered my terms of adjustment by adding an escrow account on my loan with my taxes and insurance and everything has been paid in full add me to the class action lawsuit I can get nowhere with these people this has been going on since October 31st of 2019


Put me on the class action list shellpoint put a unauthorized escrow account on my loan adjustment of terms increase my house payment dramatically bardzconcreteandlandscap@ gmail.com


My mortgage was satisfied in 2016. I made my tax payments until this year 2019 Shellpoint paid my $432 half and listed me as current on my credit report.

Now it is listed as I owe $42000 on a mortgage.

They are the second mortgager trying to steal my home. or to fraudulently ruin my credit.


Please, please add me to the lawsuit. They got me in the loan modification scam.


Please add me to the lawsuit, if it’s not too late. vondan05@gmail.com Shellpoint is holding a large payment I had made, has refused to apply the payment, for more than a month, towards my mortgage loan, and is continuously adding fees and interest to my loan. HIGHWAY ROBBERY AND FRAUD!!!


Same exact experience as Eric Wendlandt, Chase MORTG says they sold the loan to Shelloint. Shellpoint does not respond the QWR's then ( months after my QWR ) some arm in the company sends an unsigned document stating that Freddie mac is the owner of my loan.

Oh and BTW, Shellpoint has made up a new loan number. This is identity theft.

Beware of judges who are "bought" to side with Big corporations. Our judge Vallarta in Monterey County has ignored violations after violations commited by Shellpoint and their attorney{S} Daily routine for Shellpoint to steal our homes.


If we are all having the same issues and now Shellpoint is going by New Res Shellpoint how do we come together as a group. The mortgage industry is suppose to be highly regulated.


I am interested in joining class action. My home was sold at auction now Shellpoint’s law firm will not return calls or give my surplus funds.


Lost my home after tcf bank sold my mortgage to them, lived in home for 50 years, put a lot of updates into my home, was given a 10 year balloon which I tryed to start paying back a year early. But was told I was underwater, debt to income, and credit score not good enough. Put me in the lawsuit lkolson2010@comcast.net


I am here reading the complaints, because Shellpoint recently purchased my mortgage loan from Chase, and Shellpoint will not allow me to pay an higher amount each month without paying a $10.00 service charge for talking with a representative. I went on line to pay with my bank master card and got a message that said card was denied.

Should I be worried? I am going to try to get my house refinanced in order to do updating.


Lets do this


I would like to be added to the class action lawsuit. can anybody tell me what kind of lawyer needed for fighting new rez/ shellpoint.

i have been fighting with them for 10 months now with them stealing my escrow.

I have all the proof of how they are doing it but yet my escrow account is still negative when it never was with capital one and my mortgage payment keeps increasing, which it never has for 4 years until new rez took over my mortgage. I need help tribeisalive1@yahoo.com


I have filed suit several times, and the Courts continue to protect the Company. We have overwhelming evidence against Shellpoint but we are not allowed in Court.

The Court granted a Summary Judgment knowing the expiration of 4 years had passed to do so. If it is not too late, I would like to join the Class Action.


Although I realize it is after the timeline of when this class action lawsuit was hoped to have been considered Id like to state that I have had very similar instances with this mortgage company/servicer. I am very dissatisfied and now have 30 days to vacate my property after being misrepresented legally.

I requested I be given an extension as the mortgage previously was my grandmothers. At the beginning I was advised that they couldn't discuss a thing with me without authorization so I took it to become an estate in probate and they still refused to discuss things after finding out and notifying them that my lawyer who told me not to contact them hadn't been in contact with them either.

I have sunk everything I had into fixing the place up raising the value by $18,000. Youre welcome shellpoint!!


This is not looking good.


Scam Fighter, I have hired my own attorney to deal with Shellpoint. I could no longer deal with Shellpoint, NOT.

There is no dealing with Shellpoint, no answers to question, no retuned calls from anyone but customer nonservice. I feel for the folks who answer phone calls, they are only doing their job. I have spoken with Fannie Mae over Shellpoint's business practices. I have also notified HUD over Shellpoint's ill legal business practices.

I encourage everyone involved with Shellpoint to reach out to their primary loan holder, HUD and maybe add your State's U.S. Senator and Congressional person. All I have to do now is wait, don't hold your breath, for attorney to deal with Shellpoint.

Shellpoint is really coming up with some great run-around stupid. Good Luck to anyone who's home loan ends up with Shellpoint.


This is sounding worse & worse. Shellpoint will not allow me to pay and extra $50.00 each month as I had been doing with Chase. Thanks a lot Chase, I will advertise for you.


Shellpoint is holding a large payment I had made, has refused to apply the payment, for more than a month, towards my mortgage loan, and is continuously adding fees and interest to my loan.


HI YES I would like join. I caught up then here come the fees again. Type your message here


Yes. Please count me in.

I am having issues of the principle being added to my account and fraudulent late payments reports to the credit bureau. I have reached out to a lawyer on my own but would gladly join a class action lawsuit.

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