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If you are desirous of joining a class action suit, comment below. I am assessing the possible number of class members while I interview capable counsel to handle a large, class-action suit against Shellpoint for its utterly egregious, despicable behavior.

I hope to have this initiated by June 2018.

The claims would include Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, RESPA, Breach of Contract, Negligence, Fraud, RICO, TCPA and others.

Shellpoint has violated multiple laws and codes in my situation.

They sent a person to lurk around my home, interviewed my minor children, non-borrower wife. They raised my loan balance $90K in two months with no explanation. I submitted QWR's, RFI's and NOE's, however, they have failed to respond to even one of my legal, written request. I asked to validate the debt, they did not respond.

They have disclosed in writing to me three (3) different 'Owners' of my loan. They have indentified three (3) different servicers and/or 'Master Servicers' of my loan.

This simply must be litigated, having attempted to resolve through reasonable, rational communications. They simply are making a mockery of the US real estate / mortgage laws and codes. Needs to STOP.

Thank you,

Eric Wendlandt


Product or Service Mentioned: Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing Loan.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Please include me in the class action suit. cubanchina2000@yahoo.com Shellpoint needs to stop abusing and taking advantage of homeowners and deliberately lying to families and stealing their money.


Please include me in this lawsuit. My loan just got transferred from bank of america this month: aliminobrown@yahoo.com


I was supposed to get a credit for automatic payments. Didn’t happen.

Sent the paperwork twice. Nothing. Can’t prepay, can’t get a payoff.

Invoices don’t match statements. Paid this month but still got a no payment notice yesterday.


I am going thur the same stuff with this shellpoint company hours spent on phone with POC Chelsea to be switched to Anita Roberson never get correct answers or call backs. The amount they say we owe is in unapplied funds.

Whats this ..

so frustrating and now i see my same story with alot of people on here .. how cam they do this


Jd_horvath@yahoo.com Jessica Horvath Add me.


Please add me to the list.


Yes, I am interested as well.


If it’s not too late we’d like to join as well.


Yes I want to be part of lawsuit


I would like to be part of this please.


I'm interested in learning more about this lawsuit. This company acquired my mortgage from Rushmore Loan Mgmt Svcs (another "stellar" company) just after I completed a trial loan modification.

Shellpoint has me on two tracks. The emails with my SOP are very soothing, "everything's fine, we just need to get the supporting paperwork from Rushmore", "I have everything I need now, you'll be hearing from me soon" meanwhile, I'm getting acceleration letters from the company. I'm shocked at the number of people who have or are experiencing the same/similar problems with them, they have to be shut down.

In the meantime, any advice to prevent my home from going into foreclosure when all I'm trying to do is make the payments that they won't enable me to make (can't make payments via website or phone and I understand that check payments have been returned)....please send info to lurdysgordon@gmail.com. Thanks.


I’m in this is total fraud. Xzactink@mac.com




I am definitely in..I have an escrowed account . Had a pipe burst in the upstairs bathroom and flooded the house .

They are now telling us we dont have homeowners insurance.We were never informed .They have been beyond criminal not to mention rude ..Spent 2 days on the phone from dept to dept.Shellpoint says my HOA has hazzard insurance.

that only covers outside of my property... mynologo@yahoo.com


Count me in! Jed6470@sbcglobal.net


Absolutely. To tell you ALL that Shellpoint has done to me and my family,would take much,much too long.

So,ill just tell you the most recent. They pre-foreclosed,foreclosed,and auction-sold my home,all while i was still legally in chapter 13 bankruptcy. I have been over charged,harrassed,you name it. I have had to file police report against one of their agents at my door,calling,and following me.

I have proof of it all.

Im almost to the edge,and just want to throw my hands up,and say forget it..but thats what they prey on..so ill make one last attempt here..thank you for your time. Christina D.Ramirez seahorseinteriors@gmail.com


I am interested in as well. Ever since Shellpoint took over, They came up with a balance of over $9000 which they never did explain what it was and why (I was not that far behind at the time) only 1 or 2 months.

Without notice they stopped accepting my payments and threatened to foreclose. I finally got the money to pay off what they claimed I owed past due (which I still have no idea why so much), and now I'm noticing that each payment I make lists my payment as partial payment unapplied. What the heck does that mean. Are they saying they are taking my money but not applying it to my loan?

It also list my principal balance as Outstanding principal as if they expect payment in full for the entire load. I'm getting completely frustrated with this company and am tired of fighting with them.

to Anonymous #1552753

PS. I can be contacted by email at phyrnl@aol.com.


Count me in if it’s not too late. Trying to make payments after being late a couple months and they put a stop payment on my account and are not letting me make payments!

Basically trying to foreclose me, even though I am trying to catch up on my payments?!?

Unbelievable. Hitradingcorp@gmail.com

to Hammad #1569625

That's exactly what I'm going through now. They said they could only accept 2 payment or none at all.

However, on the litigation contract, they say I must continue to make payments.

Shake my head. I do believe this is a way to keep you further behind so they can take your home, Shameful.

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