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If you are desirous of joining a class action suit, comment below. I am assessing the possible number of class members while I interview capable counsel to handle a large, class-action suit against Shellpoint for its utterly egregious, despicable behavior.

I hope to have this initiated by June 2018.

The claims would include Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, RESPA, Breach of Contract, Negligence, Fraud, RICO, TCPA and others.

Shellpoint has violated multiple laws and codes in my situation.

They sent a person to lurk around my home, interviewed my minor children, non-borrower wife. They raised my loan balance $90K in two months with no explanation. I submitted QWR's, RFI's and NOE's, however, they have failed to respond to even one of my legal, written request. I asked to validate the debt, they did not respond.

They have disclosed in writing to me three (3) different 'Owners' of my loan. They have indentified three (3) different servicers and/or 'Master Servicers' of my loan.

This simply must be litigated, having attempted to resolve through reasonable, rational communications. They simply are making a mockery of the US real estate / mortgage laws and codes. Needs to STOP.

Thank you,

Eric Wendlandt


Product or Service Mentioned: Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing Loan.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Add me to the law suit please


I had sent paperwork in for modification called a about 1 week later and the lady told me they needed one box checked and another one sent they never got did that 're faxed them and waited a couple of days called and the one paper they didn't receive so I faxed again about 1 week later I got a letter stating they are reviewing my paperwork and I should receive a notice in a few days, well my point of contact never called me about what was going on, then I got a letter the 27 Dec 2018 from them stating that they could not give me my modification because the did not have access to my property!!! So I called them told the gentleman that I talked to if I had gotten a phone call they could have looked at my property, besides I can't stay home 24/7 I do work and besides if I would have been contacted about who would coming I would have made a point to be there, but I was never contacted and I just don't let anyone in my home!!

And he totally agreed with me he told me he took all the info down and that someone would be calling me within 24 hours and I also gave him my cell phone also, as of the 5 Jan 2019 I have not received a call from Shell Point what so ever, my mortgage has gone up from $568/$586 all the way to $672!!, They don't want to work with you at all. My original mortgage was with Country Wide, then it went to Bank of America then to Specialized Loan Devices and now to Shell Point Mortgage!!

, I don't want to lose my home I have to many memories there of my husband and my children there!!! Is there any thing that can be done for me


Shellpoint main goal is to take your homes. They won't help you to save your home they want your property.

They stole my house day they sent notice of default and notice of sale that was never received they just lie and steal.

We need to put untrustworthy companies like Shellpoint out of business. Please add me to class action.


Yes! We have had major issues.

They are liars and we need help! Please add me to the suit Tjstam@gmail.com


Please add me to the Class Action Lawsuit. Marlenesellsnaples@gmail.com - To be brief - Shellpoint should not be allowed to do business and they should be reported and investigated by the FEDS.

They are fraudulently making interest on paid Insurance claims and cheating the homeowners and consumers out of their rights. I am a victim of the above illegal practices and the victim of their illegal schemes.


Hi Eric, any updates on the lawsuit would be much appreciated. We are victims to Shellpoint practices also.

On another note, I have a difficult question to ask you...are you the same Eric Wendlandt from a case in 2011? I did a Google search on your name in MI.


I'm in they have done the same to my family as well


Put me in an escrow account without my permission. I have paid my own taxes for the past 18 years.

When I try to contact them, its' not the same person. They put me on hold and never come back. They threaten me with foreclosure letters. I have been trying to talk to someone in this company since August 2018.

Help and please sue them and close their business.

I have never ever been treated so poorly. It's disgusting that a company can get away with this behavior.


I’m in marymullane@me.com help


Please add me to the lawsuit also. I gave my house back deed in lieu to citi mortgage in 2014.

Covered under a bk. Someone dropped the ball or??? Told shellpoint over a year ago just to foreclose...don't need me for that.

Looking at getting an attorney anyway. I figure they have to be a scam.

to Darlene Kay #1614175



Please add me in the class action lawsuit againts shellpoint mortgage servicing. My account was recently transferred from Mr.

Cooper Mortgage Co. to Shellpoint


Type your message here I would like to be part of this class action suit


I need help with this company, can you count me in? I really need hellp


Please add me to your class action suit. Arendta89@gmail.com


Put me in line for this class action suit because they are trying to rob me with a loan that started at $49,000 and is now closed to $100,000 because they are dragging their feet in sending me proper documentation - they are licensed robbers.


please add me three years denied modification will not give me reasonwhy.


Please add me to this class suit, they foreclose on my home without even giving me a chance for a modification. vilares@ptd.net


Add me too. 1luvbug1@gmail.com B of A sold my loan to yhem.

Due to default on loan . Which no one ever served me yet they filed a default with the county records. In San Bernardino.

Help dont want yo lose my home. Oh yeah the sent me a loan modification that i never applied for since I didn't know it was an option .


Please include me in the class action suit. cubanchina2000@yahoo.com Shellpoint needs to stop abusing and taking advantage of homeowners and deliberately lying to families and stealing their money.

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