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These company is the worst, they request the same documents over and over. They send letters stating they have everything and 3 weeks later they notify that your modification was not approved because you fail to submit your requested documents.

Based on all the reviews here with the same identical issues, we definitely have a lawsuit. I'm going to see my attorney on Monday to discuss the possibility of a lawsuit.

It's like they want you to just give up taking there crap so that they can come in and take your home. Please respond if you agree, I know a lot of people have lost there homes due to this company's incompetence and to say it's an umbrella company for Bank of America.

Product or Service Mentioned: Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Hi I was reading ur reviews and I also have the same issue with shellpoint they did forclose and now my moms house is gone out by the 5th of Jan iam desperate for help I saw u were gonna make a lawsuit I would he forever so greatful is u can let me no how to go about this please and thankyou iam andrew reesedavid262@gmail.com


I totally agree and am on board with you. Please I beg you if your attorney files a lawsuit I would like to join you in the lawsuit and take them down.

You can email me at bigdog0067@yahoo.com my nam is John. Thanks


I ended up sending the documents 3 different ways (with a send/read receipt) , 5x each till they finally said received. Then they had the nerve to say me sending documentation multiple times of slowing the process down...

WTH. You keep saying you ain't getting them!? Sent docs this way like10x.

So, they had each doc 30 times. Haha.


Back on track with me at this point, but... yes!

They have done this to me on several occasions. and charging me fees that should have not been charged due to the FEMA forbearance. I even had to submit SEVERAL requests to get them to correct my credit report. Cross my fingers it doesn't happen again.

Straight up harassment! I have several times logged complaint


The same thing happened to me. I sent everything that they requested, and the next email I recieve from Mr.

Andrews was that my modification application was denied because of a lack of documentation from me. I was then transferred to another person in LossMit and I had to resubmit all the documentation that I sent the first time. Because of that, my property was put in foreclosure and I am still fighting them until today. A supervisor from Loss Mit emailed TODAY me a copy of a letter they supposedly have mailed to me late August or early September (it was dated Aug 30, 2019).

They actually mailed it to an address in Culver City, to an employment agency office which is an hour and a half away from me, when the whole time they have been sending me all correspondence to my mailing/property address.

The letter states that I was supposed paid my first trial payment on of before October 1st. I really believe that they are doing all these so "help" me lose my house.

Hollie F

Received notification of being foreclosed on, filed application for modification, along with all necessary paperwork, via their website. Received a letter stating this is your one point of contact and we will contact you if there is any further paperwork needed.

The website showed that documents were not received, but no further contact. Reupload documents. Shellpoint assumed our loan as we were finishing a trial modification with Ocwen. We received a letter stating our loan has been accelerated, before we ever received a mortgage statement from Shellpoint.

there was never any further responses in regards to the modification paperwork that was submitted. It wasn't approved nor denied, my home was foreclosed on because they refuse to communicate in any way shape or form.

Also work in Channing, not one piece of mail that we have received from this company, actually said it was from Shell point, just a return address. Looks like a piece of junk mail

@Hollie F

Sounds like they're into getting your house and reselling to turn a fast profit. Same thing happening to multiple people according to the complaints!! ***


The biggest lying group of thieves! I have been fighting with them for 10 years and they have served foreclosure paper work on me again.

They lost my paper work and lied numerous times . Now they are telling me I do not qualify because I have equity in my home.

That makes no since . Who do you contact any government or private help out there ?


Same thing I am going through ! Told me on the last go around that I had to much equity and did not qualify for any programs . Does anyone know a way out


I am having much of the same difficulties. I send my documents and then they say they never received them.

I’ve had 7 Single points of contacts.

Please let me know if there is a lawsuit. Omarric@comcast.net


I had the same problems too.. smh IF THERE'S A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT, I WANT TO BE ADDED..



How can I find out if my grandma could join this lawsuit? I'm also trying to find a good lawyer in Ca & would love any recommendations that anyone can share with me.

My 92yr old grandmother has just fallen victim to this horrible company & i want to fight this all the way so the more info i gather the better chance I have of helping my grandma. I believe they specifically targeted her because of her age & the amount of equity her home has & they bought her loan from BofA and never notified her at all since 11/18 so she continued to pay BofA and now just found out her home is in foreclosure from Shellpoint. We have the money returned from BofA that we can send to Shellpoint but now they have tacked on a lot of $ in fees of all sorts including legal fees. I have proof she never missed a payment and she was never contacted by anyone to let her know her loan servicer had changed.

I only noticed in June when her checking balance was higher than it should have been. I called BofA and it took Shellpoint 6 weeks to find my grabdmas loan - I called more than 6 times & was told they could not find a loan in her name, by her Social Security #, not by phone number or email address, not by property or mailing address, & not by old BofA account number. After all my calls they started foreclosure proceedings without her being made aware. I finally made BofA make a 3 way call with them and they still couldn't find the account for 30 min at least then finally the rep said she found it & to be sure to tell reps from then on that they have to hit their "advanced" key or they won't find her account.

This was on 7/26 & I was informed that if not paid in full including several thousand in fees it would go into foreclosure on 7/29. I told them I had the $ to pay all the months that had been returned by BofA but I didn't feel she should have to pay any fees. She didnt get any mail, no emails, no phone calls, nothing posted on her door to notify her of any issues with her loan at all. They refuse to take the fees off and will not work with her unless she applies for a modification in which they will make $ on & my grandmas income has changed over the last 20yrs so she may not even qualify on her own now for a modification but she absolutely can afford her house payment as she has no other Bill's.

We also have proof via bank statements showing she never stopped paying BofA from 11/18 to 7/19. Any advice is more than welcome. We're in Ca and having a hard time finding an attorney that can help without her filing BK which she doesnt need. I believe they bought her loan because she's a single 92yr old handicapped female who has $350k-$400k in equity!

They stand to gain a lot if they take her home! Absolutely horribly scary situation for her & we want to fight! They have already began with lies & not following through with what they have said they would do as well.

PLEASE HELP, ANYONE! My email is Dawnahernandez74@gmail.com


How do I contact you for advise with Shellpoint they returned my mortgage payments and put me in foreclosure my loan was with Bank of America and I was not notified my loan was sold and I was paying Bank of America and after several payments was made to them they told us we don’t own your loan they transfer the payment to Shellpoint however Shellpoint said I owe Penalties and interest and by that time he was in the thousands and didn’t have that kind of money to pay it and did not think I should have too which put me on the *** of a closer it’s been five years now gone through lawyers well seems it always goes back in the circle I want to get rid of this and just haven’t found the right person to help me


Going there the exact same thing they return all my payments and say we we owe all these penalties my loan went from 700k to 1.1 how’s that Are you in Hawaii ?




Please add me to the class action lawsuit. I sent a large payment and Shellpoint is holding the payment, and has refused to apply it to my mortgage loan because the reps.

said the amount I sent to them is not the TOTAL BALANCE of my mortgage loan.

They’re still accruing interest and other fees on my loan, while holding my money and refusing to apply it to my loan. HIGHWAY ROBBERY!!!


Contact me at vondan05@gmail.com


Is there a class action lawsuit ? Can anyone give a point of contact so I can join in !


I would like to be included in the lawsuit as well. This is the absolute worst company I have EVER worked with.

They are holding on to a $21,000 check that was sent to them by our insurance company due to a water damage claim in our home and they have only released $5,000 of the total so we can't get anything started with our contractor. By the way, just to get the $5,000 took over a month!!!! We've been displaced from our home for 2 months now--1 month of that wasted just waiting for the 1st check.

We don't know what to do now. jmartinez2486@comcast.net


Bad company takes for ever to do anything

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