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These company is the worst, they request the same documents over and over. They send letters stating they have everything and 3 weeks later they notify that your modification was not approved because you fail to submit your requested documents.

Based on all the reviews here with the same identical issues, we definitely have a lawsuit. I'm going to see my attorney on Monday to discuss the possibility of a lawsuit.

It's like they want you to just give up taking there crap so that they can come in and take your home. Please respond if you agree, I know a lot of people have lost there homes due to this company's incompetence and to say it's an umbrella company for Bank of America.

Product or Service Mentioned: Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Add me as well


Please add us to the lawsuit. Blileas3@gmail.com


Please add me to the lawsuit. they overcharge me on lates fee.


Please help what can we do?? Please add me to the law suit rdmorrow32@gmail.com


I lost my home after Shellpoint aquired my loan. Nationstar sent me a letter stating who my new Morgage would be with . I called Shellpoint and they said they did not have my laon and after a year of playing games the took my house of 53 years


Looks like someone started a Class Action against shellpoint in 2017 ---> https://www.classaction.org/news/shellpoint-mortgage-servicing-facing-fdcpa-class-action

to Lorraine Hadden #1623618

I would like to be part of that lawsuit.


Same problem. I have been trying to get a modification since they took over my loan from BofA in 2016. Add me @ phrehinc@yahoo.com

to Lorraine Hadden #1622278

Someone may have started an action against them in 2017 ---> https://www.classaction.org/news/shellpoint-mortgage-servicing-facing-fdcpa-class-action


I agree! That’s exactly what happened to me, I’m totally on this. add me ggfloresca@yahoo.com


Please add me to the lawsuit. My email is lwinfield3000@gmail.com I'd like to be included in the lawsuit.


Yes please add me to this lawsuit: barksw@yahoo.com I have a lot of documented information illustrating fraudulent practices by this company including voicemail messages from company representatives making false statements.


please add me to this lawsuit. rwoodsechols@gmaol.com


Please, add me to this class action suit. Aquinones11@msn.com Thank you. A.Q.


This company is servicing my mortgage and it is a total rip-off. They claim they have modified my mortgage loan, but my monthly payments keep going up every couple of months.

I agree with a lawsuit.

We should all join in one. Keep me posted.


Please add me to this class action lawsuit. johnnys2002@gmail.com


Please include me in the Class action Suit. They have been paid for my Hurricane Irma damages In February and now November and they will not release the claim payment for roof repairs.

House is under major distress and had to vacate. They are thieves with incompetent employees which lie and do not know what they are doing. Numerous messages, emails - no resolution. It is obvious they are making money on Insurance money and additionally getting kickbacks from Insurance providers.

Why are they getting away with fraud? THE FEDS SHOULD GET INVOLVED!


they illegal sold our house during a foreclosure. In NJ all foreclosures are to be done through the Sheriff's office.

They sold our house on the final day of judgement, completely illegal. The sheriff's department told us to get a stay of eviction while we figure this out.


sure all sounds great, what attorney? I can't find an attorney in Mississippi or an attorney that practices in my area.

I am like the rest of you, tired of dealing with this crap while getting bilked out of money and having a load of stress.

Honestly, I'm tired of seeing the talk.. post an attorney's name or a law firm's name and lets get this crap ball rolling


My loan was transfered to Shellpoint effective Sep-1, 2018. It has been almost two months they have not applied my payment from August in their system.

I have sent emails, fax, registered letter with proof of August payment and payment history from previous mortgage service provider.

But there has been no action. Please include me in the class action suit - email is kalpawan@gmail.com

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