Westerville, Ohio

I could fill this page and many more with my complaints. I am willing to start a civil law suit again this bank. Anyone else with me? I am willing to lead the law suit but I need as many people as possible to pursue this. I have to have 100 words so I will give a quick summary of my horrible experience with this company. I had to have a repayment plan done twice cause they messed up the first one. I had to demand from a sup to get the 2nd repayment plan faxed to me and threatened an attorney against them at that time. Now I have requested help twice with their website just so I can make a payment. I can not even begin to list the rude, belittling

and incompetent people who work there.

Reason of review: Nothing.

ShellPoint Mortgage Servicing Cons: Incompetent processing, Questionable ethics, Failure to meet obligations, Its incompetence, Do not care.

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I am aware of this company. They are servicing my loan.

I am putting together a law-suit as I write this post. You do not need people to join you its better to file your own law-suite so in the public records people can review the different issue Shellpoint Mortgage Servicer have been sue for.

My Law-suit would be sounded around, escrow founds among other violation. I never had to pay escrow and my Promissory Note does not include escrow, because if it did I would have never taken out a loan against my home.


I reside in lake County Ohio shellpoint added a escrow account to my loan adjustment of terms altered my payment and increased it dramatically unlawfully unauthorized said that I don't pay my taxes or Insurance everything is current Lake County core logic got their money back 11/18/19 they still I are refusing to remove the escrow that is putting in me Financial woes extremely . This is been going on since October 31st of 2019 I'm getting nowhere with them .

I found they had to pay restitution of 3.5 million 2 Massachusetts residents for trying to foreclose on all their houses .I am self-employed and I cannot afford the extra money. I have all documentation that I've emailed them several times I cannot afford an attorney in order to sue them for predatory lending help me dear Lord


I would love to be included my parents are in foreclosure right now fighting for their house because of shellpoint. herrongloria@yahoo.com


I'd love to be included. Is it too late?


I am very concerned about the actions of this company and their illegal and unethical practices. By comments here and on Yelp, it seems this has been going on for a number of years.

Why are they not being investigated and losing their license(s) to do business? Be warned that a serious "error" on their behalf was made with the handling of my escrow. My homeowners insurance was not paid. My home's value was seriously downgraded by them, and I received an offer to purchase it immediately at that price (from some bogus real estate company".

The offer was for almost 1/2 of home value. I was charged a fee for a property analysis that I never requested. What a nightmare! No one returns calls - a manager is never available to come to the phone.

The customer service reps are unprofessional and have no training or knowledge. is there an update on this possible lawsuit?


I'm on board!


Has anyone filed lawsuit for failure to modify a mortgage against Shellpoint. I am @ phrehinc@yahoo.com


Hello. Yes, I filed a lawsuit.

Their lawyer has tried numerous times to have my case dismissed but it has not happened yet.

Shellpoint dual tracked and they never processed my loss mitigation package, they lied to me for almost 2 after the trustee sale, telling me my loan was in "underwriting" knowing full well the house was sold back to them at the auction sale. I'm pissed and feel helpless, but I'm not giving up..


Please add me as well. Mel.gerard00@gmail.com


Please include me in Class Action law suit Shahin Margossiam. shahin818@gmail.com


Please include me in Class Action SuitMarlene Suarez marlenesellsnaples@gmail.com


All Ive I hade with this company is trouble .Lots of sleepless nights thinking they are comming to take my house . Would love nothing more than to teach them a lesson and sue them .

Please someone get back to me . Thank you


Please contact me via email regarding a lawsuit at lochs05 @aol.comThank you


I am also having trouble with Shellpoint. After the hurricane we were told there may be help.

I have been calling them for days with no answer and then we finally got our SPOC and was told there is no help and we have to come up with all of the money.

Is there someone who will take this case?? mjwright01@gmail.com


Hello, I was defrauded by Homestead Financial Services in regards to a loan modification and my lender Chase transferred servcing to Shellpoint. I was just about to send them thousands of dollars when I came across your comments.

Could anyone tell me how to deal with this lender?

What they have found that works and WHAT NOT TO DO? Thank you


I have had nothing but trouble with Shellpoint too. It's been 5 months and they have still not returned emails or calls.


YES! We have a HUGE slam dunk case where they failed to pay our homeowners insurance for 7 months & our home burned down, now they are refuting our losses & damages.


10 year ongoing nightmare

Three Mediations each time the mediator has stated that the bank has acted in bad faith against me the homeowner I have been in full compliance I have reached out to desperately for help To several different attorneys no one seems to really be able to take a note concern to truly help I have also been interviewed on the way no one route radio show KNBR desert companion magazine and radio show I want to now sue and keep my home

In November 2009 I was granted a three month trial modification I complied and made all my payments and then they stopped taking my pain meds without any good reason these are people destroying peoples lives we must all do something can someone help us!!!!!



I am interesting in taking part in this if it is not too late. I am living the nightmare. My email is dreamweaverdals@live.com


I was offered a streamline modification, completed my three trial payments almost 100 days after the offer, ooops, they can only offer a max of 3 modifications ever offer pulled off the table....thanks for screwing up my options by not researching before offering me a mortgage into 100 days into the process....

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