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Our home loan was sold to this company and they are attempting to steal our home and may just succeed. These people are crooks and will string you along with lies and deceit, pass you from person to person, tell you your paper work is incomplete, tell you your case has timed out and make you start the process over again numerous times so that they can say that you have not complied and then forclose on you thus stealing your home!

We have nearly $80,000. In eguity in our home and they will do ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING to steal it from you all the while telling you that they are trying to help you.

These people WILL ROT IN ***!!! Please do not get involved with them if there is anyway possible and if your mortgage is sold to them, do everything in your power to find a new Lender without their knowledge!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing Home Loan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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For the home owner who has 80,000.00 in equity contact an attorney... apply with Keep Your Home California 1-888-559-4225 they can possibly help you and let the BBB know about Shell point mortgage.


They are trying to steal my home as well.... my paper work some how gets lost..... I am contacting my lawyer!!!!!!


I have been dealing with the same issues and I believe a class action lawsuit needs to start with this company. Make sure you document all phone calls date and time , get the Representative name and their agent or customer service number. Documentation is very important the courts will see that their is a problem and it will help .

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