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Nationstar Mortgage, LLC received a $90,000 check (October 2016) on my behalf from Keep Your Home California, to assist in paying my arrears, and securing a more affordable monthly payment. Then sold my note to Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing four (4) months later (February 2017).

I was going through Chemo treatments and a few months later my oldest son was murdered. I am still going through his pre-trial court, having to look his murderer in the eyes. Subsequently, Shellpoint was receiving my payments but not applying them to my account. Then without notice they returned my last two payments with a smiley face stamp and a letter informing me that my loan was in default because I was more than 90-days late on my mortgage.

I addressed the un-applied payments of about $14,000 and the $2,800 that they returned. And even after I prepared an excel spreadsheet showing them that my account had NEVER been more than 65-days late they tacked on $330.89 in late fees, $498 in legal fees, and $1,272.97 in unspecified "other" fees.

And NO consideration for the fact that a $76,000 check had been paid by Keep Your Home California and that my mortgage payment had NEVER been made affordable. Is it ethical that they were duplicitous in manipulating my payments by not applying them when received then returned a portion and used the months that those payment covered as their a basis for hurling my account into default status and then using the default status to rack up egregious fees that they are now bullying me to pay or foreclose on my property and throw me into the street?

Product or Service Mentioned: Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing Mortgage.

Reason of review: Egregious fees applied to my acct. Threat to foreclose after pocketing $79,000.

Monetary Loss: $2300.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

ShellPoint Mortgage Servicing Cons: Egregious, Dublicitous.

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Hope you win. Sorry to here about your son, and your health problems.

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