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This company is a disgrace. They are foreclosing on houses left and right violating the law and so far it’s working!

All the loans in 2008 that didnt “qualify” well they are coming back with a vengence. They hire local companies (independent contractors) to handle the Trustee sale and these people are bottom feeders. Shellpoint wouldn’t acknowledge my niece as the rightful owner as the owner, her mom, died. Doesn’t matter, they sued my dead sister throughout the entire process.

Never discussed modification, waited until time ran out and then said ok, we’ll talk to you now. Went so far as to say if it didn’t sell, they would then do a modification! My niece with 2 small children in school was given a 3 day notice 2 days after the auction. Even though they knew everything about her situation, they “sold it” at auction to an investment company that specializes in buying up every house they can get their hands on.

The Breckenridge Management Fund. Professional flippers in Redondo Beach aka Wedgwood. They then hire another local company to start the eviction process. Despite totally cooperating, they continued to file eviction papers and formal lockout papers.

It’s been a nightmare! The home she lived in for 39 years was taken from my family .

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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