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my loan was $50000.00 and 17 years later my loan is still $40382.00.

there is something wrong with theses people. Said they would lower my interest rates from 8.99% to 2.99% or 3.00%.

I've filled out the forms twice and sent them in but never anything.. I have heard nothing from them and my interest rate is still 8.99%. I am a disabled vet and disabled from through the state 100% and they will not help at all. Please there,has got to be some way to get some help.

I had another loan for $40000.00 taken out at the same time and it is paid in full. Why would one with another company be paid off and one ten thousand more still be $40000.00 ..

Does not make any sense. I guess I need to get an attorney and let them handle it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing Home Loan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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They've added almost $50,000 in fees to my account, though every statement I have from them say "If your payment is received after xx/16/xxxx NO late payment fee will be added"

They're predatory lender!

They keep sending random people to do appraisals, even to the point where my ADT alarm was sounding while some random guy was cutting the locks off my doors to install a lockbox, though my loan was current, and NOT A SINGLE PERSON could tell me why....

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