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Last year on March 16,2016. My husband passed away.

We had a freddieMac loan with mortgage insurance. I Called Green Tree/Diteh (spelling) and informed them. First of all they only record calls they want. I explained that my husband passed suddenly.

They wouldn't speak to me because my name wasn't on the loan. Last I looked Calif. was a 50-50 state. When I finally was able to speak with someone they wanted the death certificate.

It hadn't even been published yet! We were not behind. But I did send them a copy and they signed for it. I was then told I had 3 days to vacate my house or they would send the sheriff to put me out.

I got so stressed I ended up in the hospital with heart failure. i told them I would need at least 3 months. So as not to become homeless or a bag lady, I sold everything and purchased a substandard home in another state. They told me not to worry about owing on the house because nothing was in my name.

Then every month for a year plus they sent me bill after bill while saying they didn't have to talk to me or offer me squat on saving my house there. They said the house was foreclosed on and sold in August 2017 at auction. Then Shellpoint mortgage opened an escrow in my dead husbands name and has started sending me bills! I called them twice.

How illegal is it to open accounts in a dead persons name and then harass the widow each month by sending them a bill to their dead husband? Each month it rips open the wound of losing my husband.

I want them to stop, my health is not great. Their should not be any accounts opened in his name period by any predator, sham companies.

Product or Service Mentioned: Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing Loan.

Reason of review: Causing duress .

Monetary Loss: $50000.

ShellPoint Mortgage Servicing Cons: Gross incompetence.

  • Mortgage servicing fraud
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Get yourself securization audit report it tells you everything! I found out a lot of fraud going on Countrywide didn't transfer nothing to Bank of America or Shellpoint!!

Individuals signing documents who Notary Public had expired also Individuals that don't even work for these companies random signatures as i call them! Shellpoint needs learn can't fool everybody!

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