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is it possible that a mortgage company that you file bankruptcy with in 2010 on a 310,000.00 home loan discharge your loan and now in 2017 they are trying to collect on it and on my credit report does not have any missed payments on it but now they are saying that i own my home but have to buy the acre of land it sits on for 310,000.00? How is that and after seven years you would that that the loan that i have not made a payment on because it was discharged would be more than 310,000.00 due to late fees and such wouldn't it if i really did owe them and wouldn't a mortgage company that has a 310,000.00 mortgage loan owed to them try to collect on it way before seven years if you owed it to them?

Product or Service Mentioned: Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing Mortgage.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I am having the same problems with Shellpoint Mtg Servicing and I found an Attorney that might be able to help. Hagens Berman go on their Facebook page and message them they respond quickly.

Or call 888-381-2889. Tell them Diane sent you.

I sent in my information today. Let’s get them I’m tired of the fraud!


My mortgage and equity line were both discharged in a bankruptcy as well, and ShellPoint continues to send me monthly bills demanding repayment. They are pond ***.

I lost my business, and lost nearly everything because of it, and had no choice but to file bankruptcy.

These buzzards won't foreclose - and there hasn't been a payment in 4 years, and the discharge of the debts was complete over two years ago. But the zombie house sits, and ShellPoint keeps trying to get money from me.


I ran across this lawsuit from a homeowner in FL and here is her lawsuit. You might want to contact her attorney to see about a suit.

I plan on call them in the morning to see what can be done for us.

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