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last year my mom mortgage was sold to shellpoint and she was supposed to be told or called or got a letter in the mail about it nothing she has to pay 1200 a month and it has been hard even after thinking bankruptcy would help it didnt now we trying to find jobs no luck she has been turned down for modification and theres no end in sight we have had our house for 100 years and never had problems like this before if theres anyone who beaten this company or got away

from them please let us know my email is derekthompson80@yahoo.com

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Email - ESCALATIONS@SHELLPOINTMTG.COM OR ESCALATIONS@NEWREZ.COM Per the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (run by the Federal Government) you have the right to submit a Qualified Written Request regarding any complaint or just to request documentation and information. What is a Qualified Written Request (QWR)?

A Qualified Written Request, or QWR, is written correspondence that you or someone acting on your behalf can send to your mortgage servicer. Instead of a QWR, you can also send your servicer a Notice of Error or a Request for Information. You can send a QWR to request information about the servicing of your mortgage loan or to assert that the company has made an error. Make sure your QWR explains in detail what information you want, or why you think the account is in error.

When you send your servicer a qualified written request, make sure to send it to the correct address. It may be a different address than where you send your payments. Your servicer must generally confirm it received your letter within five business days and respond with an answer within 30 business days. A QWR is just one way to notify your servicer of an error or request information from your servicer.

You can also send your servicer a written Notice of Error or Request for Information. Your servicer is not allowed to charge a fee for responding to your QWR.

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