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There are no words to describe this company. Are they a mortgage company or a debit collector?

They don't even know. Whoever you talk to when you call with your questions they are totally clueless. They came into my life out of nowhere and caused havoc ever since. Our mortgage company was originally Bank of America .

We were never notified about Shellpoint Mortgage Company taking over our mortgage. All complaints need to go through what they call their Escalations Department. In writing no less. In which nobody told me until months later after call after call after call to them.

Imagine how exhausting it becomes. All I was asking for was a copy of our statement which I've never seen before. It took them close to 2 months to email me back the information that I needed. In reviewing my statement I saw attorney fees, property fees, various fees to our tax collector which was made on several occasions without notice.

I was told that my house was put in foreclosure and I never received notification once that it was in foreclosure. I was told somebody by the name of Parker McCay was the attorney on my account and I was to contact him. At that time I was also told that my house was put into foreclosure a month before we made settlement on my new house. My realtor nor were we told of a foreclosure on my house at any point and time.

In reading the reviews about this company mostly all negative that is seems like everyone is experiencing a little bit of what were being put through. This company is a disgrace. They need to be put out of business immediately they're thieves. One could only wish that Karma will come back and bite their *** Now I'm being forced to reach out to my lawyer for help to get back the funds that this company has taken from me.

Shellpoint mortgage is beyond pathetic. Anyone that works for them should be ashamed of their selves. I am not giving up they are not getting over on me. This company's all about wrong unprofessional totally.

Read all reviews get ahead of the game on these people. Simply horrible!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing Mortgage.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Same here...arrr they left a notice of sale yesterday in my door. Never did they knock or ring the door bell.

The notice stated sale to be held on 12/26/18. Day after xmas.. thank alot shellpoint. According to my point of contact KYLE got me approved for a modification.

Hmmm I never sent him any paperwork or statements. How did he come up with the figures and signatures needed ?

I need help asap.. please anyone


I am currently being billed for a "property inspection fee". When I inquired about this Shellpoint stated they were wrong to bill me and don't worry about it.

It shows up on every statement and shows late fees. I have called so many times and it does not get fixed.


I agree, total scammers!!!

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