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Hahahah what a joke, BOA sold my Morgage to Shellpoint - BOA told me that Shellpoint would honor my Modification hahaha again what a joke... they raised my payment more than $500 a month - now we have to work 80 plus hours a week just to pay our monthly payment of $2980...

they said if we don't pay then they take our house - which that will never happen...

So now what do we do, as they will not help us.. I thought Trump was going to make the US a better place, but I think there will be more people homeless than before and house will just deteriorate..

Product or Service Mentioned: Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing Loan Modification.

Reason of review: Morgage issue.

Preferred solution: Reduced payment.

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Update on my mortgage - I can't believe what I have learned in one day... Shellpoint contacted me on Thursday to let me know that if I didn't agree to the new payment of $3019 that they would indeed foreclose..

I was what is going on here why didn't I get the modification that BANK OF AMERICAN promised me, she told me that when OBAMA left office so didn't all his programs that all of us consumers were waiting for..

Which I believe the banks knew about so that's why no one is getting a modification anymore..

So if anyone is trying to get a modification don't bother you will just dig deeper into the hole your in...we now have to work 2 jobs each to make our payments as I am in Bankruptcy and can't even sell my house to move as I can't get another mortgage... isn't life wonderful- hope this helps


They are supposedly reviewing my documents are misplacing them numerous time or kept sending me document.

My home is also worth more than the outstanding balance. A sale date is already issued for November.

Shore of a do you stop a foreclosure sale date.


BOA sold my mortgage to shell point as well and they worked through my modification and denied it because my home value is more than the actual loan amount.... so now I'm facing foeclosure unless I come up with 25,000 or I can pay 10,000 and raise my mortgage up to 2,100 a month really?

so much for helping the consumer.

not to mention the costumer service is a joke. ive been trying to reach my case worker for a month with multiple calls a week


Shellpoint contacted me on Saturday 10/14/17 hahahaha they called to inform me that they made a mistake and my monthly payment is now going up another $100 a month, so now its going to be over 3 grand a month. I was like are you kidding me, what kind of help is this..

They don't care. They all suck - they are just there to take everything we have worked for...

I have been trying to talk with our case worker since March hahahaha another joke - have never talked to this person.. they just keep transferring me to idiots..

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