Garden Grove, California
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Bank of America sold my loan to Shellpoint as soon as I submitted all the proper documents for a short sale. Then Shellpoint said they want all the docs again, and again, and again.

First buyer got sick of games and delays and backed out of the sale after 3 months of these games. Now I have a cash buyer and Shellpoint has repeatedly asked for the same documents over and over for 8 months saying things have expired. THEY EXPIRED DUE TO THEIR INACTION! They sabotaged my first sale and their trying to do it again with my second sale.

Good luck to anyone who is involved with these people. Both my attorney and my realtor have never seen anything like this. They are trying to force my home into foreclosure.

No doubt about it. They are beyond evil.

Product or Service Mentioned: Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I have same that problem, I want to know, how you fix a problem. Pls help me, and to let me know it. Tks


OMG, I couldn't agree with you more, they procrastinate tacking on thousands and thousands of dollars more onto an already upside down mortgage, then don't want to help. Their representatives are rude, give misinformation, don't return calls, and are useless. EVIL is such a mild description!!


File a complaint with Ca business oversight

They oversee these shoddy sub par servicers.

Perhaps also file with DRE for interference with your transaction.

They probably can't approve a short sale because who are they really ?

I bet that no real investor exists on any loans received by SHELL POINT OR NATIONSTAR. Best to you and may these rotten to the core entities be exposed for who they are.


They are the 2ND worst,Ditech is #1 worst service in the USA. Bank of America sold 2 of our rental properties to these incompetents.

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