Port Richey, Florida
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I have been working with Shellpoint to modify my loan for 2 years now. It was with BOA then they just gave up and suddenly I started receiving letters from Shellpoint.

To date I have had no resolution. I've written numerous letters, made many phone calls, with no response at all, or on rare instances that I spoke with someone received misleading and/or incorrect information. My loan was FINALLY modified, only to be informed that I was now 3 months DELINQUENT to start it off.....SERIOUSLY is this company for real. They send letter's indicating a contact person with name and phone #...then when you call, that person calls back stating they ARE NOT the contact person.

GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER, YOU ARE DEALING WITH PEOPLE'S LIVES HERE!!! Are you trying to HELP people or just kick them when they're down!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Very similar to my situation. Wells Fargo sold my mortgage to this Shell Game of a company (F**U Wells Fargo).

Shellpoint's main business is debt collection. If your mortgage servicer sells your mortgage to this unscrupulous organization, there is only one thing for you. Put your house on the market, sell it as quickly as possible, and move! You will spend so much of your life trying to correct their errors, it will feel like a second job.

At first I thought they were incompetent. I now realize it's company policy to ***, and see if you catch them at it; and then delay so long in correcting their errors that they try to wear you out. First they doubled my escrow withholding--absolutely self-evident error, yet it took me MONTHS to correct. Now, because I hate them so, I send them checks for regular mortgage payments, plus additional checks--clearly marked--as applicable to PRINCIPAL ONLY, in order to get them out of my life asap.

Instead, they have just credited those checks toward future regular monthly payments. (You'll notice that this blows up any hope of mortgage payment acceleration and reduced interest. You'll also notice that all the mistakes they make benefits them and screws you.) I have of course complained to them, and of course, nothing has been done to remedy it.



My loan was also sold to Shellpoint, and I have been making my payments to the for about 3 years now. I pay additional principal every month, but I log into their site and pay online.

There is a specific field for additional principal and I have never had a problem. My guess is that if you are sending actual checks, someone is getting confused.

I would recommend trying to pay online. I refuse to have anything automatically withdrawn from my accounts, so I login on the first of every month and pay myself.



I wish I could speak to all of you...and instruct you on what to do. I will say that you all should start to read the laws that govern these kind of bill collectors.

That is what they are BILL COLLECTORS and they are governed by laws!!!! READ FDPCA laws and search other laws for your state. YOU also need to listen to a broadcast that comes on weekly to help people like you. If anyone is interested comment and I will leave the number.

Meanwhile listen to this broadcast..you won't be sorry. These companies are taking the money you send in and pocketing it...and lying and cheating and taking people's homes. Know that God is watching them and they WILL NOT have good luck.

God bless you. click link:

put your Debt Collector on the Wall Street of the People's Forum....the CFPB....!!



We're having the same problem with this company. They are so incompetent; it makes me wonder how they have not yet been taken to court for giving false information, which ultimately leads to more money on their end by making the process of paying off the loan in full take much longer than necessary. Not to mention...there's a $59.00 fee added when you get your payoff ammount.

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