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This company is the worst of the worst!!! They lied and said they are connected to the title of my home and going to place a liens on my property, which they cannot do since they are not on the title, only my first holds the title of my home!!

I'm about to have a law suite over the fact they are lying to home owners, robbing us blind, and making us suffer!!! I refuse to give that garbage company a dollar!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing Mortgage.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Going thru channels, any creditor can place a lien on ones home. Even if you have no equity.

That can cloud title. Any activity you do to sell, refi, pay of the 1st lien holder can give them leverage. If a lien holder is in 2 or beyond position they have to pay-off the lien holders in front of them. Putting them in 1st lien position, then they can commence foreclosure for all they paid out.

Now, this is a complex process and not always easy to do as it may be illegal for another entity to pay your bills with out your permission. In short, any creditor can cloud title if they wish to spend their time, energy & $$$ pushing options to the limit.

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