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My home flooded October 8th 2016. My insurance check have my mortgage companies name on it so that they can give you the money out to me as home repairs are made.

The check cleared almost 2 months ago and they keep telling me they need more paperwork. I have set an every piece of paperwork that they have requested on the packet they send you. Now they are saying that they cannot pay my contractor's because I haven't released funds to pay them. I had to max out credit cards and use my savings account to repair my home because the mortgage company will not give me any money although I have sent in thousands of dollars of receipts and invoices for work being done in my home.

Everytime I call it's a different reason why they will not send me a check or my contractor a check. The latest excuse was that they cannot read any of my receipts because they get scanned by shellpoint and put into the computer. How is this my problem that your company cannot provide legible documents. They were perfectly legible when I sent them to the company but now they're saying they can't make out what it says.

lies! I told them to send out an inspector to see all the work that has been done and when the inspector came he said that 100% of their customers with insurance claims gets treated like this for as long as possible. They refused to let the customers have the insurance money that is rightfully theirs!

I have $53,000 that is my insurance money for my home how do I get help to make the insurance company release my money so I can continue fixing my home? We've been living in this flood home for 3 months now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing Mortgage.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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They have my insurance check as well. I'm not going to keep asking them. I have something else in mind for them.


I too have the very same situation continuing since August. Credit cards are maxed, frustration level is beyond belief and the contractor hung with us as long as they could.

But had to move on without pay. Why in the world would this company inflict such hardship on their customers. I've read as many of these complaints as I could.

Time for a Class Action suit.

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