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I would have to agree that these new mortgage company's that are popping out of the wood works need to be investigated prior to being given loans. The mortgage company before this one was just as bad (state bridge company).

I even laugh when you call with a concern/complaint it states their a debt collector wtf. I wasn't in debt when you took my loan over. That makes me feel like I'm being set up for failure or be *** But it turns out to be the second one because you never get you question resolved with this company.

There is something I tried for the first chat with them online copy and paste the conversation so you have some leverage because they can come back and say that your previous conversation was not recorded. Because it states "your conversation may be record to better service..."

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I agree with this person. I questioned them as to why they state they are a debt collector.

Whoever heard of a financial institution holding mortgages calling themselves debt collectors. That is only the tip of the iceberg.

I have never encountered such horror as when trying to deal with Shellpoint. It seems they are unethical in their business practices and should be held accountable.


I have a firm that fights these Debt Collectors. If you need your mortgage looked at or in foreclosure, please call me they saved my home and thousands of others


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