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Anyone wan't to go in a class action suit. Please contact me at Looks to me these people have messed up everyone's mortgage and adding fees that don't make sense.

I have started a letter writing campaign to every politician in my state and to Washington DC. I am disabled And won't stop until this company is investigated and audited. I have been trying to talk to them and no matter how hard you try they will not listen. They are always right and you are always wrong.

Tired of dealing with this and going to find a class action Attorney. Some of the answers they give are just ***.

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count me in guys- they are stealing from me too. Ive been in my home 12+ years and now this BS scam company is creating ghost charges faster than I can keep up. Thieves


Anyone else have there apparent taxes go up 4000$ a year according to them.


How do we begin having the same issue


This compamy has taken complete advantage of my elderly disabled retired us vet! I'm done! for class action law suit

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