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After 4 years after my husband passing these fools just defy intelligence and any kind of common sense. I tried in the beginning to pay 2 months back payments in installments while I was taking care of my husband 24/7.

They counted one as two payments behind and would not let me make installment payments to catch up. I am in Oregon and thank God I had over the next 3 years an amazing modification advocate who caught Shellpoint in one after another violation. I filled out modification applications one after another month after month, did everything they asked me to shy of putting my name on the deed which was in my husband's name. I know they could collect from the govt.

if they could destroy my credit rating in the process so I would not, after effort after effort on their part to get my name on the deed. The 2008 Dodd and Frank govt. debuckle and the bubble created in the real estate market destroyed the huge investment we had made in our property. My husband got sick and his medical care took the rest after the downturn destroyed our investment in our home.

They tried over and over to entice me into signing my name on the deed. My modification specialist I was blessed with caught them in one after another infractions. So I was blessed to stay in the home I loved for 4 more years while it was all fought out. My lawyer waited 4 year for his pay and in the process took all the little that was left in the estate which I do not fault him for.

He waited and then took what was left for his pay. But because he had waited 4 years and was not reasonably expected to wait for more, because Shellpoint said they would move on foreclosure, I felt it was best to turn the property back to them and move on. My lawyer called after they had not responded for several months and were sending foreclosure threats and said did you read what we sent you. They had not, typical of 4 years of negotiation for trying to keep the property.

I have boxes of modifications, p & Ls, etc that I complied with to try and get something that I could work with them to keep my beloved home. They finally came up before my agreement through my lawyer to give the property back to them free and clear was a modification that would have me pay approx. 40 thousand more than the property was recently appraised for with an ever increasing interest rate. I chose to turn the property back to them and after my lawyer brought their attention to it, they agreed.

Oh she is giving it over, that is great. Well not so much. We set the terms to leaving the property clean and totally free for them, they sent me a letter saying (after 4 years, that my insurance was not set up right) I had my insurance agent send them what they wanted...in the estate of. with the notice that as of the agreed terms I would no longer be paying after the 30th of June for insurance and utilities.

I by the agreement had to vacate totally by the 30th. They again sent me a letter saying that since they got notice I would not be paying insurance on the property by the 30th, that I was responsible for paying, that they would pay the coverage, but I was responsible Really? They were to take total possession with on conditions after the 30th. Then, unbelievably, I received a letter saying so sorry for your loss and you can file for modification!!!!!!

AFter 4 years they are starting over???? Then I received modification forms that I had filled out over and over and over and over! Unbelievable. The incompetence, the absurdity after having the loss of my home, having to leave it because no one with common sense would address and work with me to keep me in my home of 11 years that my beloved husband and I worked so hard to make a beautiful sanctuary inside and out???

It has been about 6 weeks that I have moved out. I drive by and I see every plant and tree that we planted withering in the heat of the summer and there is no evidence that Shellpoint is even aware that the property is theirs free and clear. The neighbors, one next door who wants to sell is impacted hugely by the dead lawn and dying cover, shrubs and trees. And the only thing I get from Shellpoint is (after 4 years, and devastating my home and life, oh, so sorry for your loss, here are modification papers.

The incompetence, the stupidity, is unbelievable. I should have just stayed in my beloved home and started the process anew. They, in their incompetence would have not known the difference. Tells you who is protected, not the homeowner, not the working person who put their life and soul into making a home and property beautiful.

Just into trying to manipulate the consumer into a box so that the bloated Banks can make some more money at the expense of the peon who tries to pay the mortgage. It is incredible, and intolerable.

There has to be more out there that want to get a class actions suit going against this hugely bloated, complete, insular against common sense and capital market, govt. protected bureaucracy that is bleeding everyday Americans who work their butts off to have and keep a small part of ownership and are tripped up by bureaucracy and special interests big bank officials getting fat off of the backs of hard working regular people who trust and get betrayed by big govt, big banks, and special interests.

Product or Service Mentioned: Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing Mortgage Modification.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Fix your inept, negligent, incompetent, disrespectful, etc. service..Unbelievable incompetence, ineptitude, lack of costumer respect and service, complete incompetence and communication between divisions, inexusible, total lack of common sense and respect.

ShellPoint Mortgage Servicing Cons: Incompetence, Repeated and unending duplication of remodification application, Gross incompetence no follow through, Complete ignorance of progress from dept to dept, Felt manipulated and harrassed, See the list, Incompetence or at worst taking advantage of the public.

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They ought to re name themselves "Shell Game" because that is all this outfit is.

They DO NOT modify.

The modification packages are sent to pacify their victims while the cogs of bank theft of your home grind behind the scenes.

Massive bailouts were given to corporations but living, breathing bill paying individuals receive nothing, in spite of the sub prime fraud inflicted upon them.

Anyone receiving Shell Game modification packages and hoping for some kind of resolution is operating under false hope.


I agree completely. My lawyer and I worked out a contract with the lender bank and turned the hose over to them in June I left the home and yard in clean and beautiful condition.

They let 11 year big plants and trees die, no care even when I was calling them saying its yours,

take care of it!

All the while sending me $3000 bills for yard care and maintenance. They are

worse than inept.

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