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After several months of reporting harassment, retaliation, hostile work environment, racial slurs, threats from other co-workers, HIPPA violations, etc., Debbie Thayer, whom I have never met before today, and introduced herself as the "upper management" called me down to the 3rd floor (Iworked on the 4th floor) and advised me that I was terminated, and to turn over my badge and ID. This came after discussing my concerns once again with HR, I was offered money to leave the company.

I explained that I did not want to leave, just to move to another dept. Debbie Thayer did not want to hear it, and Refused my request to go back up to my desk to retrieve my personal items, including items from inside of my desk drawers, and I was refused same. This was also after reporting to one HR person the "sexual item" which was found sitting on my desk in a brown bag this morning! Again, I was terminated.

I welcome any suggestions for attorneys to call regarding discrimination and wrongful termination, but also welcome anyone who might want to contact me regarding Shellpoint's Mortgage/Loss Mit practices as I am sure the company knows they are being investigated! Now I am without employment, and also know why so many homeowners are losing their homes, STILL!

Reason of review: Knowledge.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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hello i have a case against them pls call me at 646- 397- 0168 do you have the employee handbook , pls reach out to me i have a lawsuit


pls if you can call me 646-397-0168


Tracy, how would someone reach you to discuss Shellpoint? Is there an email address or phone number you could share?


To the “coworker” who states I did little to none and/or *** work! Teresa, you are a hipocrit, and should not even have a job anywhere!

You spend more time putting knives in people’s backs than you spend doing anything else anywhere from what I understand! Shouldn’t you be retired by now, I mean your like 70 or something aren’t you! Don’t worry you’ll have a chance to tell every side of your story, from each one of your faces, if you can remember them all!

Mind your own business you miserable loser! Tracy



pls call are text me traceee's 4242850712 i have not seen you and long time we need to catch up on some stuff


Tracee how do I reach you? I have some questions about Shellpoint loss MIT policies


You should file complaint with the EEOC


Please... I used to sit nearby your desk.

You didn't do any work, and the little you did was terrible. Your *** work make us all have to work harder.

Shellpoint isn't perfect. No employer is perfect.

But you were terrible and you should have been fired a long time ago.

Drop the mic.

@Your Co Worker

Oh please you are probably the owner trying to defend your company. Don't anyone be fools by shellpoint mortgage services.

They are a scam. Don't give them a penny!

@Your Co Worker

I dont know who you are, but I more work than you probably have ever done. Hopefully you will be fired and know what it is like to be fired for no just cause. Why dont you let me know who are...and say that directly...coward!


Shellpoint Mortgage is a bad company. I am sure that Jack Navarro would be very disappointed to know what is going on in Greenville, SC.


I can i reach Tracee

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