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I am interested. Very concerned that my loan has been transferred to Shell Point (or NewRez).

They are completely incompetent at managing escrow payments. Their customer service is awful - no one can give correct information or answers, there is supposedly no manager to speak with you, they justify not responding for days and weeks, rude and so on. After reading comments on Yelp, I am more concerned than ever. This company needs to be investigated.

I believe there is much more illegal and unethical dealings go on. My mortgage was transferred to them at the end of 2018. They never paid my homeowners insurance and it was *** to get any information on that. I received an offer to buy my home for some bogus company at an extremely low price and with a couple of months to reach them about it.

I later saw that Shell Point had somehow had my home value downgraded to almost 1/2 - and the approximate cost of what this bogus company was offering to pay.

How is this legal? Definitely unethical.

Is there an update on this possible lawsuit?

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