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My Boulevard Bank loan was sold to Shellpoint. My loan has always been on a rental property I own, while the mailing address is my personal home. In the transition, the address on my loan now appears as my personal home. I have explained this to numerous people who opened "tickets" to have the issue researched. The tickets go nowhere. I spoke to numerous people who said they will personally check and call me back. Nobody has ever called back.

I received a letter that it had come to their attention that my insurance policy expired and that I needed to provide them proof of insurance or they would buy insurance for me. The fact was that my insurance had never expired. Not only were they wrong about insurance expiring, they (or Boulevard Bank) were never on the policy to begin with.

If you call in to make your payment by phone, the auto attendant will only give you the standard amount due. At one time I had a late fee applied to my account. However; the late fee was not included in the amount due provided by the auto attendant. The auto attendant only tells you the standard amount due. So if you only make the standard payment, you'll get another late fee, even though you make the payment on time. The auto attendant should tell you the total amount due, not just the standard. This seems ethically questionable to me.

My due date is the 15th. If not paid by the 16th, I receive the robo call or a live call. I've told the live collector that I will make the payment later that evening online or through the auto pay. They try and bully you into making the payment with them or scheduling with them at the time of the call. They've asked what the difference is in make the payment with them or making the payment online. When I reiterate I just want to do it later, they have become very aggressive and sometimes rude. I don't want to give my personal checking account info to someone who is 1) that aggressive or rude, 2) someone I probably have talked to before about the inaccurate property address on my loan who promised to open a ticket to research and never called me back.

There many lenders out there who want your business and will treat you like a customer. I was sold to Shellpoint and would never choose them to give my business to. I am shopping around to re-finance this loan.

Product or Service Mentioned: Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing Mortgage.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

ShellPoint Mortgage Servicing Cons: Gross incompetence, Questionable ethics, Inaccurate records.

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